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Rocket Glass Bongs Only Available @ Smoke Station Online Canadian Smoke Shop!

By Rocket Glass | Nov 11, 2020
Smoke Station originated in 2018 as “Rocket Glass”. Rocket Glass began as a brand of glass bongs and water pipes. Rocket Glass expanded into a full smoke shop selling exclusive, hard-to-find smoking equipment and accessories. Rocket Glass bongs are only available at Smoke Station currently. Today, Smoke Station is growing and changing everyday to give… Read More
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New Affordable, Quality Herbal Bong Bundles!

By Rocket Glass | Jun 9, 2019
The Beaker Bong Bundles! Create Your Own – Beaker Bong Bundles! Rocket Glass offers a new easy way to create your very own quality bong and grinder set up. This bundle includes our slim 12″ beaker bong, downstem, clear bowl, coloured spiral bowl of your choice and an authentic Cheech & Chong “Up In Smoke”… Read More
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Major 420 Surprise Bong Sale!

By Rocket Glass | Apr 18, 2019
Major 420 Surprise Bong Sale! Rocket Glass Bong & Smoke Shop is offering one of the biggest 420 sales we have ever had! All bongs and additional smoking accessories are up to 35% OFF! We appreciate the support and love for Rocket Glass throughout our beginning months. It’s an honour to be able to sell… Read More
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History Of Cannabis and Canada

By Rocket Glass | Mar 15, 2019
Everything has a past, a history and a chronicle to tell. Cannabis in Canada is no different. Which a long, and tumultuous history, Cannabis in the True North has risen, fallen, and barely lived on throughout its Canadian history. Today, Canada is only the second country in the world to legalize Cannabis on a federal… Read More
Spiral glass herbal bowls for sale at rocket glass canada smoke shop

Our Top Bong Accessories

By Rocket Glass | Mar 11, 2019
Today we are going to browse through some of our top bong accessories! These products have been very popular with our website viewers, purchasers and the whole Rocket Glass team. We suggest to use these bong accessories because they will make your smoke session even better! Read More
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Paper vs. Hemp Wraps

By Rocket Glass | Mar 6, 2019
Paper vs. Hemp Wraps, an age old question. One with various choices, and answers! Today we will be discussing the pros and cons of Paper vs Hemp wraps for your joints. Read More
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Benefits Of THC – Its Not All About The CBD

By Rocket Glass | Feb 26, 2019
While most people focus on the health benefits of CBD, and there are a lot of them, they throw away THC, as a useless chemical that only makes you high. Well, this could not be farther from the truth! THC, in fact, has health benefits of its own, and that today is what we are… Read More
Spiral glass herbal bowls for sale at rocket glass canada smoke shop

Benefits Of A Bong

By Rocket Glass | Feb 24, 2019
Oh, the bong, one of the most ancient of human devices, something that has been with us for thousands of years. And who could wonder why! But here is a reason that bongs are the most popular way to smoke, and it is those reasons that we are going to go over today. Read More
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Easy Bong Cleaning Methods

By Rocket Glass | Feb 19, 2019
After a little while our bongs tend to become very dirty… this results in harsh smoke and a bad taste. Some bongs are easier to clean then other bongs but in the end, every bong must be cleaned eventually! Step One: Rinse Your Bong Empty your bong water and rinse your glass with warm water.… Read More
free supply pack


FREE supply pack with every order that includes a bong! This mystery supply pack includes 1 small smoking accessory item. This item can be hemp wick, incense, blunts, lighters, etc.

*Supply Packs Have No Prize Value*
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Our secure shipping process is taken very cautiously. We do our best efforts to package your order accordingly to your preferences. We use foam wrap + bubble wrap on all glass pieces for a secure and successful shipment using Canada Post. Free shipping on all orders $100+

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It is an honour to be a Canadian business that supplies the medicinal and recreational smoking community with affordable but quality glass! We ship directly from our warehouse in London, ON.


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