Choosing a bong may be difficult due to all different styles and features. Whether your buying your first bong, replacing an old bong or simply adding to your collection, we have the perfect guide for you! The size, shape and features of your bong directly affects your overall experience in several ways. From the drag (total resistance level while inhaling) to the comfort level and temperature of the smoke.


The “beaker” bong styles are usually a great beginner style but they are always a famous traditional style! Beaker bongs don’t have percolators but usually have a diffuser down stem so there is a bit of filtration throughout the bong. Beaker bongs always have an ice-catcher to hold ice cubes so you can have a very cool experience, rather then very harsh and hot. You can find this type of bong in many heights but many people and we suggest around 12 Inches so its not to big and not to small!

STRAIGHTRocket Glass Straight Tube 20 Inch Bong Honeycomb Percs Smoke Shop

This classic shape is usually loved by everybody! A straight tube bong offers a sleek, clean and smooth design. Straight tube bongs usually have filters and an ice catcher so you can have a very smooth experience. Our straight tube bong is 20 Inches tall + 3 Honeycomb Percolators + Ice Catcher! A straight tube bong usually “pulls” faster than other bongs so it can offer larger bong hits.


The “percolator” bong shape offers a more designed and technical look but has many benefits! The percolators contain many slits, which diffuses the smoke as it passes through and the percolators also serve as the focus point of the piece. Some types of percolator bongs have a “unique build” or “bent” shaft. The bent shaft is meant for not getting yucky bong water in your mouth while smoking! Your smoke will be filtered through multiple percolators to cool down and offer you and your lungs a quality toke. Our bent percolator or rocket glass bong piece is perfect to experience the many benefits of a percolator bong. Percolators filter out unwanted toxins from the combustion process, while also cooling down the smoke created. The result is a much smoother, cleaner hit for you and your lungs.

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