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Paper vs. Hemp Wraps

March 6, 2019

Paper vs. Hemp Wraps, an age old question. One with various choices, and answers! Today we will be discussing the pros and cons of Paper vs Hemp wraps for your joints.

Hemp Wraps 

First of all, hemp is a much greater source for things rather than trees. Hemp grows faster, in larger colonies, and more reliably than any other tree. They produce less oxygen and consume less Co2 than trees do. Trees take much longer to grow, hundreds of years in some cases, in this way hemp warps just simply cant be beat!

Their ability to stifle climate change and support good and healthy renewable resource preservation is a huge plus over paper. Deforestation is happening all around the world, and is a serious problem with the destruction of the ecology in the environment. Hemp wraps is better in many sense, it tastes better, its slightly healthier and its great for the environment. For those who are interested in saving the environment, hemp is the way to go.


So, whats good about paper received from trees? Well, there are a few good aspects that one might consider a benefit over hemp wraps. First and foremost, you know what you’re dealing with, the weight and consistency. Which of course makes it easier to roll and produce a joint.

Paper joints are also great because they come in many variations. Papers come in many sizes, thicknesses and how fast it may burn. So it really just depends on what you prefer.

At Rocket Glass we carry RAW 100% authentic organic papers. Rocket Glass carries RAW Cones (pre-rolls), RAW Black and other RAW smoking accessories (rolling trays).

Which One Should I Pick?

Well that depends completely on your personal preference. Whether you like papers or hemp wraps, in the end you will have a similar experience either way. Papers and hemp wraps simply have different pros/cons. It will be your decision as to which you use. With benefits to them all, and cons to them all as well, it is a decision that must be made by the smoker.

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