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Hemp Wick

With this slow burning hemp wick, you’ll get more efficient and tasty hits while avoiding inhaling dangerous lighter gases or match chemicals. Shop hemp wick for sale online in Canada and USA. Our smoke shop carries organic and natural hemp wick products. Light your flower perfectly.

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Hemp Wick For Sale In Canada and USA

Shop hemp wick from Rocket Glass Bongs & Smoke Shop and be reassured of its quality. Hemp wick has many advantages over traditional lighter fluid such as being less toxic, providing a clean burning flame and not having the strong petroleum smell that is associated with lighters.

Hemp Wick FAQ

What is a hemp wick for?

A hemp wick is a type of natural twine made from the outer fibers of a hemp plant. It is often used as an alternative to butane lighters when smoking herbs or flower. Hemp wicks provide a clean flame that does not produce harmful gases or create byproducts like chemical-laden plastic lighter fluid. A hemp wick is also beneficial to the environment because it is biodegradable and sustainable. Hemp wicks are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your smoking experience. Additionally, using a hemp wick may provide a smoother flavor when smoking as there are no additives or chemicals that can alter the taste of your herbs.

Is hemp wick healthier than a lighter?

Yes, hemp wick is a healthier alternative to a lighter. When smoking, the use of lighters can create harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide and benzene. These byproducts are produced when the flame from lighters comes in contact with plastic lighter fluid which contains chemicals. Hemp wicks do not produce these byproducts and provide a clean flame. Additionally, hemp wicks are biodegradable and can be reused multiple times, making them the more eco-friendly option when compared to lighters.

How to use hemp wick?

Using hemp wick is simple and straightforward. You can simply light the hemp wick and use it. You can also wrap the hemp wick around you lighter for easier use. Finally, adjust the flame size by adjusting the distance between your lighter and the material you are trying to light. This will allow for a smoother smoke and better taste overall. 

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