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Easy Bong Cleaning Methods

February 19, 2019

After a little while our bongs tend to become very dirty… this results in harsh smoke and a bad taste. Some bongs are easier to clean then other bongs but in the end, every bong must be cleaned eventually!

Step One: Rinse Your Bong

Bent Stem Bong Rocket Glass #4
This Is A Bent Stem Bong Rocket Glass

Empty your bong water and rinse your glass with warm water. Try to remove as much debris as possible from the bong. Be careful with hot water because quick temperature changes can cause glass to crack! After your done rinsing your bong, you should be ready for step 2!

Step Two: Bong Solution + Salt

Next, pour the bong cleaning solution into the bong with some salt. You don’t need salt if your solution already comes with a gritty substance. The gritty substance (salt) gets rid of any hard/stuck grossness off the inside of your bong! You don’t need “brand-name” cleaning solution but it is recommenced for a spotless clean. You can also use isopropyl and salt!

Step Three: Shake!

You must shake your bong intensely. Do this for a few cycles until the bong is clean! Remember to cover the openings of your glass (downstem, bowl and mouth) so all of the water stays inside of the glass.

Step Four: Rinse!

The last step is simply rinsing your bong so you can get rid of any bong cleaning solution smells/tastes!

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