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Benefits Of A Bong

February 24, 2019

Oh, the bong, one of the most ancient of human devices, something that has been with us for thousands of years. And who could wonder why! But here is a reason that bongs are the most popular way to smoke, and it is those reasons that we are going to go over today.

The bong has been the favoured smoking device for thousands of years for good reason:

  • It purifies the smoke via the water
  • It cools the smoke down via the water
  • The smoke cools down via the length of the bong
  • Bong perks that can further cool the smoke

Today we will be going over these bonuses and possibly a few more as well! So get ready, sit back and relax, and we will enter the world of bongs. Before we continue on, its probably a good idea to talk about what a bong is. A bong consists of multiple pieces but can come in all shapes and sizes. You have the bowl where the cannabis goes, the down stem that goes into the water, the main body and mouthpiece. You light the weed in the bowl, it runs through the water and up the main body of the bong.

Now that we know more about what a bong is it’s time to learn about why they may be the best smoking option out there, Lets talk about the first and second point, Having the smoke run through water first, is a brilliant way to remove some of the stuff you don’t want in your lungs. Secondly, it cools the smoke down so that when you consume it, it’s not so that as with a pipe or joint., The smoke will be cooler and easier to handle. Some bongs have ice “perks” that allow you to put ice in the bong to further cool down the smoke. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience.

Basically, if you can tell, the point of a bong, is to filter the smoke through the water, making it easier on the lungs, and much cooler than say using a pipe.

Why are bongs so important, does cooler smoke really mean anything?

Well of courses there is a good reason that you would want the smoke to be thinner, and cooler. First of all, it means you can smoke more without your throat or things getting too agitated. Secondly, it is healthier for you, and chances are you will cough a good deal less. Used for thousands of years by our ancestors, bongs are not the new kid on the block, While it has not always been Cannabis, other plants such as tobacco are often used with bongs. Of course for the same reasons as you would smoke cannabis., Using a bong while much less portable than say a pipe, is worth the extra cool smoke, There is a reason our ancestors have been using their own verses of bongs,. 

To conclude, you are going to want to use a bong if possible over a pipe or other smoking tool because of the way in which the water filters the smoke. Don’t be mistaken you’re still consuming burning plant matter, but it does make it a little better. Then there is the cool factor, the larger the bong the more cool air the smoke has to pass through, giving you much cooler smoke the larger the bong is. Either way, it does not compare to a pipe whatsoever, where you feel the heat and sometimes taste the weed, (we all hate it when that happens) having the cooler smoke just makes such a difference. And that is why you should use a bong over other smoking methods.




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