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What Should I Think About When Choosing A Bong 

December 4, 2021

In this day and age, picking a bong for the first time or even replacing an old one can take some thought. This is because, as a result of the decriminalisation and legalisation of weed in some areas, the manufacture of smoking accessories has become much more mainstream. As a result, there are a lot more options!

Bong Styles

When smoking dried weed, multiple percolators are preferred. If you’re smoking concentrate, though, you’ll want to minimise the number of percolators because you won’t need as much filtration! Bongs come in a wide range of forms and sizes. These range from those you can just hold like a pipe or larger bongs that need to be on a table or foundation.  You can also choose from a variety of shapes, ranging from the most basic to the most intricat. One thing to consider while deciding on the correct shape and size for your bong is your smoking habits. A larger shape might be more acceptable if you smoke with a lot of people and normally stick to pipes or joints when you’re alone.

Bong Cost and Experience

Last but not least, you should consider your budget, as bongs today can range from inexpensive to quite expensive, depending on your preferences. You can choose from several glass thicknesses as well as a variety of quality.

If you’re the kind to look after your possessions and enjoy collecting items, you might want to consider one of the higher-end or novelty bong designs. If you only want a bong for everyday usage, though, you can choose from a wide range of fairly priced or inexpensive, high-quality bongs on the market.

The only thing that matters is that you understand exactly what you’re looking for.

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