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Why Bongs Get You Higher: The Science Behind the Smoke

March 24, 2022

Do you ever wonder why bongs get you higher than smoking from a pipe or joints? It has to do with the science of smoke. When you smoke from a bong, the smoke is cooled and filtered as it passes through the water. This makes it smoother and easier to inhale, which results in a bigger hit. Bongs also filter out more of the harmful toxins and carcinogens than other methods of smoking, which means that you are exposed to less of these dangerous chemicals.

Why are bong hits smoother?

guy smoking from glass bong pipeThe smoke from a bong is cooled by the water, which makes it smoother and easier to inhale. This results in a bigger hit. Different types of shapes of bongs can help with how smooth the smoke is. Water is the main reason why it is cooled down. Some bongs have ice catchers so you can cool down the bong even more!

Why do bongs get me higher?

Smoking a bong provides a number of advantages over smoking a joint. The fact that you can get extra high with the same amount of weed is perhaps the largest advantage. Sometimes people add extracts like hash on top of bowls to make them more potent. You can control the smoke more with a bong, lighting as much of the bowl as you want. All the smoke usually goes into the bong, instead of the air like a joint. You inhale the smoke from the bong and get the full hit from the herb.

Why are bong hits healthier?


Bongs filter out more toxic toxins and carcinogens than other smoking methods, so you are exposed to fewer of these harmful compounds. The water in the bong cools the smoke, making it easier to inhale and exhale. Bongs also trap a lot of the particulate matter in the water, rather than letting it enter your respiratory system. All of this makes for a much healthier way to smoke. The science behind why bongs get you higher. Now go out and enjoy a nice bong hit!

Bong or joint for first time smoker?

Many people who are smoking pot for the first time ask whether they should start with a bong or a joint. If you’ve never used weed before, proceed with caution. It doesn’t matter if you try pot with a bong or a joint the first time; what counts is the dose. Simply take a small puff and wait a few minutes to see how it goes. Take another draw if you think you can handle it. Be cautious, because cannabis can creep up on you slowly and catch you off guard. It’s not harmful to smoke too much the first time, but it can be very uncomfortable.

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